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Misa Shinshi


Free lance photographer

Oil painter

​Based in Paris,France




2021年 京都市立芸術大学美術学部油画専攻 卒業








2018    2月     京都市立芸大作品展 ,  京都市立芸術大学校内  (Kyoto)

         2月     写真展「なんか一人となんか二人」, ANTIQUE belle GALLERY (Kyoto)

    7月  油画専攻グループ展「17。」, 京都市立芸術大学校内 (Kyoto)


2019    2月  京都市立芸大作品展 ,  京都市立芸術大学校内 (Kyoto)

   10月 写真展「オクトーバー写真研究会 大展覧会」, C.A.P 4階ギャラリー (Kobe)


2020    2月   京都市立芸大作品展 ,  京都市立芸術大学校内 (Kyoto)

            9月   Group Exhibition 『Tourbillon 18』,Oギャラリーeyes (Osaka)

2021    2月   京都市立芸大作品展 , 京都市京セラ美術館 (Kyoto)

            6月      "the sight of the stars makes me dream", SCÈNE (Tokyo)

            9月      "Where is love entrance", kumagusuku / Kyoto Makers Garage (Kyoto) 

          12月   "MINT" , KAGANHOTEL (Kyoto)

2022    6月  "metasequoia kyomachibori art fair2022" , chignitta space (Osaka)

    10月  "層をなす/be in layers" , kumagusuku (Kyoto)

    11月  "IN THE FLOW", 松栄堂 薫習館 (Kyoto)

2023    4月    "うつろうかたち",まるとしかく(Shiga)

​            5月    "汽水域",バイソンギャラリー(Hyogo)




2019    9月   "ONE'S" ,  LINDA HOSTEL 106 (Osaka)

2020 7月   "Flow" , KAGANHOTEL (Kyoto)

2022 5月   "Shape of time" , atelier ST,CAT (Tokyo)

2023 7月      "立ち現れる輪郭", chignitta space (Osaka)


2022   6月  "metasequoia kyomachibori art fair 2022" 笹貫淳子賞




Born in Kyoto, Japan.

Graduated from Kyoto City University of Arts in 2021 with a degree in oil painting.

While doing client work as a freelance photographer for editorial and other projects,

Also works in the genres of both oil painting and photography.

The theme of my paintings is the eternity in time and the circulation of materials as an act of going back to the basis of the modern high-consumption society.

Focusing on stones that constantly change their form by the exogenic processes, I try to put the correspondence between nature and self into paintings.


Group exhibitions


2023    May    "Brackish waters" (Bison Gallery/Hyogo)

​            Apr.    "waning form" (Marutoshikaku/Shiga)

2022    Nov.      "IN THE FLOW" (Shoeido Kunjukan/Kyoto)

      Oct.  "be in layers" , (kumagusuku/Kyoto)

       Jun.  "metasequoia kyomachibori art fair2022" , (chignitta space/Osaka)

2021    Dec.   "MINT" (KAGANHOTEL /Kyoto)

            Sep.      "Where is love entrance" (kumagusuku & Kyoto Makers Garage /Kyoto) 

            Jun.      "the sight of the stars makes me dream" (SCÈNE /Tokyo)

            Feb.   "KCUA exhibition of works "(Kyoto City KYOCERA Museum of Art/Kyoto)

2020   Sep.   "Tourbillon 18" (O Gallery eyes /Osaka)

           Feb.   "KCUA exhibition of works "  (Kyoto City University of Arts/Kyoto)

2019   Oct. "The Oktober Photographic Society Grand Exhibition"( C.A.P Gallery4F /Kobe)

   Feb.  "KCUA exhibition of works "  (Kyoto City University of Arts/Kyoto)

2018    Jul.  "17." (Kyoto City University of Arts/Kyoto)

         Feb.     "Something One and Something Two" (ANTIQUE belle GALLERY /Kyoto)

            Feb.     "KCUA exhibition of works "  (Kyoto City University of Arts/Kyoto)


Solo xhibitions


2023 Jul.      "Emerging Contours", chignitta space (Osaka)

2022 Ma   "Shape of time" , atelier ST,CAT (Tokyo)

2020 Jul.   "Flow" , KAGANHOTEL (Kyoto)

2019    Sep.  "ONE'S" ,  LINDA HOSTEL 106 (Osaka)


2022   Jun.  ​   "metasequoia kyomachibori art fair 2022" Junko Sasanuki's Award






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